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Meana Wolf – Breakfast with my Daddy
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Meana Wolf – Breakfast with my Daddy
Meana Wolf – Breakfast with my Daddy

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Meana Wolf – Breakfast with my Daddy

t’s wasn’t exactly a successful second date. You’d spent the night, but did’t get any action. You’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning when her daughter walks out of her bedroom in her underwear and says, “Mom, who’s this guy in our living room?” Your dick stiffens at the sight of her. She’s precocious… She leans into you and says “You’re way hotter than the guys my mom usually brings home”. She runs her hand up your leg as her and her mom shout back and fourth between the living room and the kitchen. She’s wild. She doesn’t care if she gets caught. She giggles, “Wanna be my new daddy? Sleep in my mom’s bed and fuck me instead?” She slides her mouth down onto your cock and you can’t resist her slutty antics, even with her mom right there in the kitchen. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your date’s daughter is a slutty little deviant. She fucks all her mom’s boyfriends, and she’s totally oblivious. You weren’t exactly thinking of sticking around with her mom, but this daughter of her’s is too good an opportunity to pass up. **Cheating. Older Man Younger Woman. Home Wrecker. Sneaky Sex. Secret Sex. Almost getting caught. Facial**
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