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I fucked my New Step-Mom while Dad Slept
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I fucked my New Step-Mom while Dad Slept
I fucked my New Step-Mom while Dad Slept

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I fucked my New Step-Mom while Dad Slept

So I really have a thing for my dad’s new smokin hot NEW wife. Did I mention she has the best body ever. All I want to do is fondle her sexy hard body. I think about her all the time and I actually saw her naked twice. Which is what I’ve been jerking off too for the last three weeks. Well anyways, so there I was spying on her while she laid out in a bikini and my dad slept on a chaise lounge. She was laying on her stomach with her top off so she wouldn’t get any tan lines and her ass looked amazing. I spied on her for several minutes. Then I saw and heard her call out to my dad to rub some oil on her back. She called his name multiple times but he was sound asleep. That’s when I seized the moment, I quickly ran to the patio and walked up behind her like I was my dad. She didn’t even look back at me and assumed I was him. She then told me to rub oil all over her legs and back. I did just that and I started to rub her up and down. My step-mom liked it so much she told me to keep going assuming it was my old man. I massaged her ass and I even massaged her inner thighs and around her pussy. I got so worked up that things started to get out of control. I pulled my dick out and I started massaging her back and ass with my bare hard cock. She liked it and even encouraged me, all while she never looked back at me. After a few minutes of this my fucking dad coughs really loud and sort of woke up for a second, but he instantly went back to sleep. Well needless to say My step-mom obviously turned around and caught me with my dick out. At first she freaked out and yelled for my dad. But when he didn’t wake up and she saw my throbbing cock, she changed her tune. She told me that my father hadn’t fucked her in weeks and that she needed a good shafting. She proceeded to seduce me and we fucked like mad while my dad slept in a chair next to us. What a day!
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