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Mom Left Us Alone So You Know What Happened
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Mom Left Us Alone So You Know What Happened
Mom Left Us Alone So You Know What Happened

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Mom Left Us Alone So You Know What Happened

We just got back from our family vacation and you’ll never believe how awesome it was. Mommy really loved the quaint little town so she would go there quite a bit. Needless to say Daddy and I stayed at the cabin most of the time. Most days as soon as Mommy left I’d start spending time with Daddy and you know what that means. Something about being in the outdoors really enhanced my desires in an almost animalistic way. I think Daddy felt the same way since he could barely keep his hands off me even when Mommy was there.Daddys hands on my breasts were enough to drive me wild and soon we would end up naked together on the couch. Our bodies thrusting and pulsing til both of us were completely spent. Luckily we always got done in time to clean up before she got home but somehow I feel like she watched the whole thing.
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