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Mom Spit Cum In My Face
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Mom Spit Cum In My Face
Mom Spit Cum In My Face

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Mom Spit Cum In My Face

Dante’s Mom comes home from work to discover that Dante has not done the dishes. Mom becomes furious with her young Son….and she gets out the “Spanking Chair”! Dante is ordered to pull down his pants…..and assume the position……over his Mother’s Knee!!! Dante’s Mom gives him a very hard Over The Knee Bare-Handed Spanking….making him cry out in pain. When she has Beaten her Son’s bare bottom until it is a rosy red…..Dante’s Mom decides that his Punishment must be even more humiliating….so she tells him that she is going to suck him off….and spit his cum all over his face!!! Dante is absolutely horrified….and as his Mom begins to suck his cock….Dante tries everything he can not to get an erection!!! Unfortunately for Dante…..his Mother is a VERY skilled cock sucker….and his penis grows to full length inside his Mother’s mouth!!! Mom keeps threatening that….as soon as he ejaculates….he will receive a big, humiliating facial….so Dante tries as hard as he can not to cum…..but he didn’t stand a chance….his Mother sucks him all the way off!!! As promised, Dante’s Mom spits his sperm all over his face….completely humiliating her Son!!!
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