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My Sister’s Panties
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My Sister’s Panties
My Sister’s Panties

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My Sister’s Panties

Rachel and her daughter Leihla are very laid back about sex and their bodies. They think nothing of walking around the house half naked. Rachel’s son Brandon sees them like that every day and is constantly being turned on by them. One night, he is in his room. He has a pair of Leiha’s panties that he swiped so he can sniff them and think of her while he jerks off. She’s such a cute sister: blonde and curvy, with big almond eyes. Brandon is in the middle of things when Leihla walks in to ask him something. He panics and tries to cover himself up. Leihla immediately grasps the situation. I did not tell you to stop, she says to him. Coming closer, she recognizes her panties in his hand. Brandon admits they are hers. Leihla surprises him by telling him that she thinks it is hot he is jerking off with them. Having broken the ice, it is not long before Leihla is stroking and sucking her brother’s cock while Brandon fondles his sister’s breasts. Meanwhile, Rachel wakes from a nap she had been having on the couch. She hears unusual sounds coming from her son’s room and goes to investigate. She gasps when she walks through the door and sees her daughter sucking her son’s cock. The startled siblings try to think of something to say to say. Rachel approaches the foot of Brandon’s bed. She wears a tight black negligee and gown. She asks her son and daughter how long they have been playing around. Leihla says it is their first time and mentions how Brandon stole her panties. Rachel smiles and tells them she thinks that it is good that they are so close. Brandon can now see a lot of his beautiful, big breasted mom. He is still gawking at her in amazement as she walks to the side of the bed, kneels, and takes his cock in her mouth. Brandon thinks he is in dreamland. Mother and daughter take turns sucking and stroking him. They break off only to kiss and play with each other’s breasts just when Brandon ends up shooting a huge wad of cum on their faces. They smear it over their mouths. Afterward, Rachel and Leihla are glad of what happened. Brandon is delighted. He’ll never need his sister’s panties again. Now he has the real thing!
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