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Daughter Unbound
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Daughter Unbound
Daughter Unbound

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Daughter Unbound

Daughter comes home late at night. Dad confronts her and she mouths off about not having to listen to him. He slaps her across the face sending her flying on the couch. He gets on top of her, his knees pinning her shoulders down, slaps her a couple of times more across the face. Undoes his pants and she gives him head. He rips her shirt open and pulls his pants down while calling her names like, bitch and ungrateful bitch throughout the sex. Brooke is walking down the hallway at night. Father blocks her way, she tries to go around him but he pushes her up against the wall pinning her there with his body weight. He grabs her face in with one hand and tries to kiss her while he roughly squeezes her boobs and between her legs with the other hand. She starts to cry and he clamps his hand over her mouth, she continues to cry through his hand. With his other hand he unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker, he grabs her hand and she gives him a blow job. He then throws her to the couch and continues the sex. Afterwards he walks away and she collapses to the floor sobbing. Brooke is asleep on her side in bed, under the covers, wearing modest white panties and a top. Dad comes in and takes his shorts off. VERY slowly he pulls the covers back, eases her on her back taking great care not to wake her, he lifts up her blouse and exposes her breasts, he pulls her panties off and pulls her legs apart. Her eyes pop open and she opens her mouth to scream. He jumps on her and clamps his hand over her mouth and starts screwing her, slamming in and out of her very hard. She flails her arms and legs about and tries to push him off while he is screwing her. Afterward he leaves and she curls up into a ball and cries.  
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