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Jealous Aunt Gets Her Revenge
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Jealous Aunt Gets Her Revenge
Jealous Aunt Gets Her Revenge

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Jealous Aunt Gets Her Revenge

My mom found out I had sex with my aunt and decided she would make me her own. I couldn’t say no to my mom and she felt so good…but after I fucked my mom, it got too weird around my house so I moved in with my grandma. Well, my aunt can’t and won’t leave me alone. She stops by while my grandma is at bingo with her friends. She needs to get one up on my mom because they are so damn competitive. She needs to fuck me one last time. She sucks on me and makes me so hard! She rides my cock and makes me admit she’s tighter and better than my mom is. She needs me to take her from behind. Now she wants me to fuck her on my grandma’s bed? OMFG, she is cumming so hard it feels like my cock will break off inside her! I love giving my aunt a nice creampie!!!!
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