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Dad with Benefits
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Dad with Benefits
Dad with Benefits

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Dad with Benefits

Dillon and her Dad have come to a little “agreement” as they call it. Dillon has really blossomed into a large breasted, sexy girl….and her Dad can’t help but have sexual feelings for her. When Dillon got suspended from school, and her dad got the phone call from the Principal….Dillon and her Dad made a deal. If Dad agrees not to tell Mom that she is suspended from school….Dillon will let her Dad use her for sex….whenever he wants!!! “Dad With Benefits” they call the arrangement. Tonight, Dillon is just out of the shower…doing her hair and make-up……dressed in some sexy black stockings…and getting ready to go out on a big Date with her boyfriend. Along comes Dad….at the worst possible moments as far as Dillon is concerned….and dad announces that he is horny, and wants receive some “benefits”. Dillon rolls her eyes….and reluctantly agrees to honor the arrangement. She begins to suck Dad’s cock….she lets Dad have a good, long lick of her sweet young pussy…..and then she lets Dad have a nice hard Fuck!!! dad finishes by soaking Dillon’s big tits, and thanking her for honoring the arrangement, and tells Dillon to have fun on her Date.
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