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Cory Chase and Nikki Brooks Maternal Seductions
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Cory Chase and Nikki Brooks Maternal Seductions
Cory Chase and Nikki Brooks Maternal Seductions

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Cory Chase and Nikki Brooks Maternal Seductions

I walk in to the hotel suite and I see my Aunt Cory standing outside of the bedroom that my best friend, JMac, is staying in during our vacation. His bedroom is cracked open and my aunt seems to be videotaping whatever is going on inside of JMac’s room. As I walk closer to my aunt, I hear loud moaning sounds and sex noises! “What is that sound?!” I ask her. “Your step-mom is fucking your best friend right now!” she exclaims. “Wait, what?! Are you serious?” I ask her. My Aunt Cory shows me a picture that she took through the crack in the door, and it is a photo of my step-mom in the doggy style position with JMac’s huge cock thrusting in to her pussy! I instantly start to get jealous, because I thought my step-mom was only fucking me! “How about you and I fuck each other out here in the living room, since your step-mom is fucking your best friend! Maybe it will help ease your jealousy,” my aunt suggests. I am very upset with my step-mom right now, so I agree to fuck my Aunt Cory now! My aunt gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob. About a minute later, my step-mom walks out of the bedroom and she screams “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?! CORY, HOW COULD YOU?!” Cory pulls out her phone and she shows my step-mom the photo’s and videos that she took of her fucking my best friend! My step-mom tries to apologize to me, but I’m still very upset with her. “Well, JMac is resting right now so… maybe the 3 of us could have some fun right now, since I owe it to you!” my step-mom offers. I agree to this, and now my aunt and my step-mom both get mostly naked in front of me. I start to fuck my step-mom’s pussy first, while my Aunt Cory spreads my step-mom’s ass cheeks and pussy open wide for me. They both lick my cock clean, and as they do so, my step-mom tells us that she just heard the shower turn on. JMac must be in the shower right now, so we can all go fuck in the bedroom now! We run over to the bedroom and I start to fuck my step-mom in the missionary position, while her tits and her pussy are both exposed from her beige dress being pulled up and down at the same time! Then she flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy in that position while my aunt Cory tells us both how badly she wishes she was fucking me right now! I keep fucking my step-mom, and when I get close to cumming, I explode in my step-mom’s mouth! Then she kisses my aunt afterwards, so they can both taste my cum!
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