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Daddy Please Stop – Brutal father sexual assaults
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Daddy Please Stop – Brutal father sexual assaults
Daddy Please Stop – Brutal father sexual assaults

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Daddy Please Stop – Brutal father sexual assaults

1 Girl, 1 Guy A man talks with his blonde daughter on a couch She is wearing a tank top, sweat pants and white socks He makes her get on his knees to service him sexually When she gets upset, he slaps her around He forces her to suck his cock She is still reluctant, so he knocks her unconscious He props her sitting up against the couch He lowers her top to expose her breasts He uses her slack mouth to give himself a blow job She wakes up, he climaxes She is horrified, and he walks away from her Later, he is back on the couch reading a porn magazine He has gotten her a sexy pink teddie He makes her change out of her casual clothes and put it on Forcing her to sit on his knee, he fondles her He exposes her breasts, pushes her down on the couch for sex She has finally had enough and lashes out She has a knife and slashes at him Inflicting a bloody cut on his arm, she tries to back away He attacks her, taking away the knife He punches her and she collapses on the couch He raises the teddie and strips off her panties Stripping, he gives her an angry fuck She wakes up and struggles He clamps a hand around her throat, continuing to fuck her She writhes under him He chokes her and fucks her hard She dies, mouth open, death-staring He continues to fuck her body He caresses her, kisses her feet Finally he is satisfied He lifts up her body, holds and rocks her Putting her back on the couch, he leaves her pretty corpse sprawled there.
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